The event coordinator came through at the last minute

My supplier hosted a huge conference for local HVAC servicemans. I was in charge of many of the details for that afternoon. I chose to hire an event coordinator to help myself and others with that task. The people I was with and I expected about 125 different HVAC servicemans for the conference plus weekly seminars. The people I was with and I contacted many local hotels plus got bids for their conference rooms plus amenities. When the two of us decided on a vendor, the event coordinator took over from there. I didn’t have to worry about much of the details. I got a weekly SMS from the event coordinator describing the progress plus things that still needed to be done. On the afternoon of the event, the two of us had twice as many HVAC servicemans as the two of us expected. Many of the servicemans did not RSVP. The people I was with and I did not want to turn anyone away. I immediately contacted the event coordinator plus discussed the details. I explained the situation plus she had an alternative plan right away. The people I was with and I decided to transfer the day conference classes to a different hotel plus the two of us provided shuttle services back plus forth to both places. The people I was with and I had plenty of room for most people plus the two of us didn’t have to cancel any of the guest speakers. Having more than one separate places for the classes turned out to be a fantastic idea. It’s legitimately something the two of us will do in the future going forward. It allowed us to cover more information in the same time period. The seminar plus conference on yellow energy solutions in the job was a huge success. The people I was with and I had a lot of interest in geothermal plus solar energy options. Next year will be even better.


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