The guy offered me a venue to stay during the storm

20 years ago, I moved to the southern section of the country where there are disappointing storms during the summer time months.

  • I endured our first hurricane that year as well as I also met our husband of several decades.

I was staying in a rental up-to-date home with a couple of friends; Everyone was gone for the weekend as well as I was at the up-to-date home by myself when the storm occurred. The hurricane was supposed to be a mild category one, however it shifted during the day as well as hit the town with a head on blast. All of the power was out as well as it was scorching tepid the day after the storm. I didn’t have any A/C in the rental house. I sat outside most of the day. I was resting on the porch fanning our face with a pressing sheet of paper. The acquaintance from across the street came over to say hello… He asked me if the up-to-date home had a generator. He even checked the attic storage section to be certain. The acquaintance from across the street had a generator as well as frigid A/C in his home. He offered me a venue to stay if I wanted to wait until the power came back on. I decided to accept his offer for a couple of hours. I didn’t plan to spend the evening, however the two of us had a lot of things in regular as well as the two of us spent the entire first evening talking about our lives as well as our childhood. The people I was with and I decided to get married a couple of weeks later as well as the two of us had our first child before our first birthday.


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