The tree disfigured the RV roof a/c

My wifey plus I have had our RV for 2 years. The people I was with and I decided to buy a camper so the youngsters would have more fun. They didn’t love sleeping inside of a tent plus neither did I. It worked out fantastic when I was a kid, however I wanted more amenities plus I understood why the youngsters wanted the same. My wifey plus I looked at lots of different RVs before the two of us found the perfect a single for our family. The people I was with and I got a fantastic deal on a used camper with a master home office, separate space for living, plus a bunk section for the youngsters with more than one separate beds plus a desk. The legitimately first trip the two of us took with the RV, the two of us made the decision to go to a campground in the middle of the national forest. All of the campsites were large, but they also had a lot of wooded areas. My wifey plus I ended up parked under a huge oak tree. The wind picked up overnight plus a huge gust took down a single of the huge branches of the tree. It fell on top of the RV plus sounded love a giant rock hit the top of the roof. It was the middle of the night plus I did not see the mangle until the next afternoon. The rooftop a/c was shattered into pieces. The plastic case that surrounds the a/c was broken plus the a/c under was disfigured as well. The people I was with and I had to contact a mobile service mechanic that handles heating plus AC repairs as well as roof repairs. The mangle was severe, but the insurance supplier covered all of the disfigures.

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