Your air quality should never be gross

What is the grossest place you can think of? Go head and think about it I will wait a minute.

  • While you think let me tell you what I think the grossest place is.

The airplane. I know sounds crazy doesn’t it but really think about it. When your on a plane it is packed full of people from all over and at least 5 of those people are guaranteed to have a bug of some kind while at least 20 others will be carriers of a bug. Not to mention the people who were on the plane before your flight even boarded! Everyone was touching the seats, seat belts, trays, windows, the bathroom door, the overheads and the ac knob. You know the flight attendants aren’t going through and sanitizing everything before and after each flight. I wish the planes could have a top of the line air purification system onboard that would help filter out all of the germs people carry on board. Would it not make air travel so much better if the air quality was somehow improved? Wouldn’t be nice to know that while your on board the plane that you aren’t just breathing in recycled air that is still full of the germs from previous passengers, or your fellow passengers. Since it is a well known fact planes have more germs than an doctor’s office why not find a way to get a hospital grade air purification system on board the planes?
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