As you get older you learn more about home ownership

Getting older is not fun. One of the things I am noticing as I get older is that I am more cold all the time than I used to be. It could be summer time and everyone else is needing air conditioning. Sometimes I actually need the central heating! At night mainly when it cools down. As you get older you need more heating, this is a fact I am learning. I remember my grandparents when they were still here had the same thing going on in their older ages. They were always cold and wanting heating when I wanted air conditioning. It got to a point where they had a portable space heater for their bedroom when other people would come to visit and stay overnight. That way, there could be air conditioning and they could have the heating. SInce it was window air conditioning systems in those days, with them having the portable space heater in the bedroom and the window air conditioning systems in the bedrooms and living room, it was kind of like a home made HVAC zone control before zoned heating and air conditioning systems existed! Kind of crazy when you really sit back and think about it. But anyway, I am getting to be middle aged now and experiencing the need for more heating instead of air conditioning. This is I guess how life plays you when you get older. I just have to get used to it. I am glad though that my central heating and air conditioning system has a great SEER rating! Otherwise I would be having higher electric bills because of my need for extra heating.

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