Barely got the HVAC unit through this past summer

It’s never fun to be in the position where you have to roll the dice on any sort of home appliance.

And it’s even worse when you’re rolling the dice on whether there will be continuous air conditioning throughout the summer.

Where I live, HVAC cooling just about has to be guaranteed. I know people who will stay in a hotel if they can’t get their HVAC equipment fixed quick enough. I know that I’ve had to spend a few nights without HVAC cooling in the summer. But that was in one of my first apartments and I was a young kid. Still, no HVAC cooling was pretty miserable for me even back then. So when the HVAC technician informed me that the heat pump might not make it through the summer, it definitely got my attention. This shouldn’t have been so surprising given the age of the HVAC equipment. I should have been more prepared but we just didn’t have the money saved up and needed to buy some more time. This meant that we either financed the new HVAC equipment or we rolled the dice with the hope that we’d make it through the summer. If we could just get to fall, we’d have plenty of time to save as the heat pump doesn’t get much heating work in the winter. Boy, we sure eased the load on the heat pump this summer. The thermostat never got below 80 degrees. That’s a bit warmer than where we ever kept it. But it got us through the summer and we’re about to have the new heat pump installed soon.

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