Basics for HVAC cost savings are easy to follow

When it comes to the winter where I live, there’s really not much to it.

It’s just a really nice part of the year. It can get cool here in the winter. But my wardrobe still consists of shorts and a hoodie in the winter. That’s the sort of winter I can manage. The very idea of spending another winter dealing with snow, ice and the high costs of HVAC heating sends shivers down my spine. So I choose not to think about it. There is no such thing as high HVAC heating costs in this region. However, that doesn’t make us immune to the high costs associated with HVAC. We have a summer that requires an immense amount of HVAC cooling. The fact that the air conditioning comes on in mid March and can stay on until into November says a lot. But still, it’s the intensity of the summertime heat and humidity that really makes for some HVAC cooling expense. But the high cost of air conditioning is easily mitigated. It really doesn’t take much to adhere to the basics when it comes to prepping your house for summer. Really, it’s all about sealing up the house tight and making sure the direct sunlight heating is stopped with drapes or shades. And from there, it’s pretty much all about maintaining a good discipline when it comes to the thermostat setting. Putting some effort into prepping your home and programming the thermostat will make a very real difference in the air conditioning costs. And really, it doesn’t take all that much effort at all.

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