Better health indoor air quality with help from the HVAC unit

To me, if you were breathing the air inside a home then it really couldn’t be polluted.

Air pollution was something you found in the city with all the cars and industry.

But out here in the rural areas, there was nothing to worry about when it came to air pollution. While it may be true that industrial air pollution is minimal in our region, that doesn’t mean that we are immune from indoor air pollution. With the help of the HVAC company and our HVAC unit, we were able to fully understand and address the indoor air quality of our home. What I didn’t understand was that there are all sorts of things inside the house that are contributing to the indoor air quality. Or in our case, were contributing to the degradation of the indoor air quality. First, we have pets and that means allergens from the fur and dander. Then there are all sorts of things like carpet, furniture and other stuff that is releasing chemicals into the air. Finally, there is plenty of pollen and other stuff from the outside air making its way inside. However, with air filtration and air purification, we now enjoy some of the best indoor air quality we could possibly have. The local HVAC company installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC unit. And we upgraded the HVAC air filter to a HEPA filter. Between this new air filtration and the air purification, it’s like the freshest air ever inside our home.


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