Can’t put a price on my trust in the local HVAC company

For sure, the economic problems due to the pandemic hit close to home.

Both my wife and I had to leave the zone controlled HVAC comfort of our offices to work from home.

However, it just wasn’t that easy because we both had to take really significant pay cuts that lasted more than a year. When your household income is reduced more than 30 percent, it hits hard. There were plenty of spending changes. As a matter of fact, the summer of 2020 was the first one where we finally got serious about saving on the cost of air conditioning. It was pretty easy to commit to this HVAC savings strategy since we were cutting the spending across all of our household budget. However, we found that saving a bunch on the cost of air conditioning that summer could be parlayed throughout the year. And we made this conscious effort to save on HVAC in order to continue to pay for the trusted HVAC service we’ve enjoyed for years. Say what you will about what our household endured during the first year of the pandemic but we didn’t have to worry about the HVAC equipment. This is because we’ve always made sure that our HVAC unit gets seasonal HVAC maintenance. And the fact that we feel so comfortable with our HVAC company is also pretty great. It’s really nice to be able to actually trust a service provider when so many of them are out to wring as much money as they can from us. I’m really glad that we found a way to stay with the HVAC maintenance and the great service we get from our local HVAC company.


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