HRV-ERV systems improve indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is so important that it determines how comfortable you are in your home. This is why people are always striving for ways to improve indoor air quality. But, another issue they face is how to do so without inflating the energy bill. Here is where HRV(Heat Recovery)/ERV (Energy Recovery) technology comes in handy. The pandemic has played a big role in the rise and demand of air purifications systems such as HRV-ERV. But, is it a must to install one in your house? If you can, go for it. This is a system that works wonders when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Basically, you let in fresh and clean air into your home without having to crack open a window. Windows can let in fresh air but it won’t be filtered. The best way to ensure you aren’t breathing in air with contaminants is passing it through such a filtration system. That way, you always have the best state in the house guaranteeing you comfort in winter or summer. It’s all about balanced ventilation for these systems that have two fans. One is responsible for bringing in fresh air into your home while the other blows out air with contaminants. The technology is quite advanced such that you can adjust the speed of the fans. In addition, you have filters and programmable controls to make your home a sanctuary. But, it’s better to have a trained and certified HVAC technician to install the HRV-ERV system for you. That way, it’s set in a manner that guarantees you energy efficiency.


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