I am getting in some big trouble here

I heard there is a immense snow storm on the way.

One that is going to be so big that the two of us may lose power and be snowed in for a week or more.

So the first thing I did was went to the grocery store and majorly stocked up on several groceries in the event this happens. I also made sure to get plenty of other household goods to last if we’re snowed in. The other thing I did was went out and bought the most costly and most powerful portable space oil furnace that runs on a lithium battery. This is to protect us and have on hand should the two of us lose electricity and can not run our central heating and air conditioning proposal unit. Having no heating with this kind of snow storm is honestly dangerous because of how freezing it will be outside. Now if the two of us had a fireplace that would be different. Even a gas fireplace would be good. But since the two of us do not, the portable space furnaces were the answer. I bought 3 of them. Now if the two of us end up not having to use them, I will at least have some kind of portable space oil furnace that requires no energy use for any future emergencies prefer another power failure in the Wintertide or if the central heating proposal happens to chop down. I should entirely go and buy a portable air conditioning proposal too for the summer. However it is not time for that yet. I will most likely do that in April or May to prepare for any heat and a/c emergencies.

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