I got the HVAC service at the last minute

I would like to have our HVAC system worked on by the local HVAC contractor every 6 months or so.

  • I prefer to get it done in the Springtime and Winter months because this is when I’m transitioning between our gas furnace and air conditioner unit.

I use this time to reset our HVAC system between the seasons to make sure that everything is running efficiently! This year though, I fell behind and forgot to have our gas furnace worked on before the cooler weather hit, and when I saw that the weather was predicted to drop significantly in a single week, I began to panic. I didn’t have our gas furnace worked on and I thought that it was going to break down and I’d be left separate from heat. I didn’t think what to do because I thought that it was too late to call the local HVAC contractor. I took an opportunity though and they were more than cheerful to maintain our gas furnace before the temperature dropped too low. The HVAC professional who came to our cabin assured me that this was still a relaxing time to have everything worked on because the contractor was less busy. They had completed a majority of their servicing and I wasn’t competing with all the other homes too. The HVAC professional also assured me that while our timeline for HVAC servicing was preferred and logical, there wasn’t a time limit on having your HVAC system worked on as long as it was being done. It was better to have the HVAC system worked on, even if late, rather than not at all.

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