Matching the weather with what you need in your home

One thing a lot of people do not talk about is the fan setting on the thermostat of their central heating and air conditioner.

This comes in wonderful use if it is not sizzling enough to warrant air conditioner, but it is still a little warm to where you need a fan.

By turning on the fan setting of the central heat and air conditioner unit, you can get the outside air pumped through the air vents. If you have superb air quality in your section this is a wonderful thing! However if you have terrible air quality you may want to think twice about using this method. Because it will make your house worse off than it is. In that case you may just want to either buy a floor fan or get some kind of whole-house air purifier! Maybe a whole house media air cleaner could toil because that would clean the terrible outdoor air as it passed through the air vents. But if you did not know, the cost of whole house media air cleaners are outrageous. So unless you have a lot of money, you may want to skip that system all together. Maybe buy a portable media air cleaner instead. Or even a portable air conditioner. But the air quality in our section is appealing, so I can use the fan feature on the thermostat of the central heating and air conditioner to match the outside weather and bring it into our home. It is pretty darn refreshing when the temperatures are just right. I just thought I would talk about this since no a single ever does.


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