Nobody Can Change The Thermostat

One of the best decisions I made was ordering a clear, protective box to go around the thermostat in my home.

For the past year I had been battling my kids and my husband about the thermostat settings.

Before you think that I should share and compromise the HVAC settings with my family, you should know that I’m the one who manages our monthly utility bills and I’m the one who cares for our HVAC system altogether. Our HVAC system is over a decade old and it’s hanging on by a thread. Every 6 months, when the HVAC company comes to service our HVAC system, they tell me the same thing. They always say that I need to consider a new HVAC system because the heat and air are no longer running efficiently. However, while our HVAC system doesn’t run as optimally as it used to, we’re not paying a drastically different price each month. I’ve figured out all the best temperature settings that keep everyone comfortable and healthy while also keeping our HVAC system alive and well. The HVAC system is delicate, so it can’t handle a lot of other people changing the temperature, which is why I bought the protective box to go around it. I’ve programmed the thermostat to run the most efficiently and I’ve hidden the key so that nobody else can make changes. I can’t believe it took me this long to install the protective casing around it because it’s been really beneficial for all of us.

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