Skipped the exhausting Heating plus Air Conditioning of air travel

Sure, the pandemic ended up decreasing so many things for me and my family.

  • But it’s not anything that the two of us can’t deal with.

The fact that the two of us all have come through it thus far is enough for me. There are so many who can’t say the same thing and that is taxing to know. My wife and I both worked from house in our air conditioner at the house. The people I was with and I were lucky because our companies were able to shift fairly well to a remote working environment. That said, I wasn’t able to do all of my job from the security and comfort of the heating and cooling of my home. I had to get out to the customer base that I was responsible for. Prior to the pandemic, that part of my job meant plenty of air travel. Over the past decade, I have found air travel less and less palatable. The poor air conditioner on most flights is however a single of the reasons. However, during the first year of the pandemic, I was couldn’t fly so I simply cranked up the air conditioner in my car and traveled. This was a unique experience and was interesting in a lot of ways. For a single, I found the most consistent heating and cooling of all the lodging types I’ve ever tried. And it was right there off the interstate all along. Those overpriced downtown hotels that I used to stay in are a thing of the past now that I found the sort of Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment in my modern lodging choice.

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