The issue had been the thermostat all along

It was going to be several hours before they sent over an AC expert

Ron was puzzled by a few things in his adult life. As a kid, he’d always been looking forward to growing up. He had strict parents who made his teen years quite hard. So, Ron kept promising himself to travel and explore the world a little more when he left home. But, when he turned 18, his parents changed and were a little bit easier with him. He was now at liberty to stay out and do as he wanted without any supervision. This was so puzzling to him. He thought long and hard about leaving home at that age then saw it was better to go to college nearby and stay at home. That way, he could work, go to school and not have too many bills to pay. One morning, Ron was at home in his parents’ home office studying for an exam. He didn’t notice it at first, but the house was getting warmer. When he finally realized he was sweating, Ron was puzzled since the AC unit in the house was on. He went to check on the indoor AC unit and saw it was running, but no cool air was coming out of the air vents. The best thing to do was contact the AC business near him to come and solve this issue. Ron had their number programmed on his phone and made the call. It was going to be several hours before they sent over an AC expert. At least the AC business was honest about the time frame, so Ron opted to open the windows as he waited for the AC expert. He came by in the afternoon and noted their thermostat was at fault but it was an easy fix.

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