The school had a poorly performing HVAC system

The school I work at has been experiencing concerns with it’s HVAC idea for many weeks now; but it all started when a few instructors were complaining about how tepid their classrooms were! However, the school is located down south, where the temperature fluctuates between tepid and hotter; so earlier in the year the rapidly increasing temperatures are at their highest.

  • There is nothing worse than being in a classroom that is hot with a bunch of students who won’t stop complaining about the temperature.

This is why the instructors began complaining in the first instance. The school hired an HVAC company to come service the HVAC units, which seemed to repair the issue for a month or more than one; however, the issue continued after that time, as the temperature began to cool slightly with the Winter season, the two of us were all hopeful that the extra warm classrooms would work in our favor, and unluckily, that wasn’t the case because the oil and gas furnaces started working extra hard to heat the school, and it got hot! The temperature was so tepid that instructors began bringing portable fans into their classrooms and opening windows to allow extra air flow. Things got so out of hand that the school actually shut down for many days in order to get all the HVAC components substituted. It was an unexpected getaway, although I think everyone is happy to get the HVAC idea under control and back in working order, but we’re simply tired of being uncomfortable and the instructors are actually too tired of listening to our students complain about the heat.

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