The thermostat setting changes weren’t all that bad

Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.

  • And when it came to lowering our electric bill, we finally had to get real about the air conditioning in our home.

This was something that we sort of ignored ever since we moved here. My wife and I came from up north and lived all of our lives with a brutal winter. That meant all sorts of HVAC heating from the gas furnace to keep us warm. Well the heating costs where we lived were really high. So when we came to the south, those HVAC heating bills stayed behind as the winter is just so mild. Somehow in our minds, we had simply offset the heating bill for the HVAC cooling bill. It seemed to just sort of even out somehow in our way of thinking. But really, we just were avoiding the truth. The summer can be really smoking hot and we were sort of overwhelmed by the heat and humidity when we first got here. This resulted in too much HVAC cooling. And we simply had to figure out just how to ease up. The best thing we did though was to wait to turn on the air conditioning last spring. We wanted sort of get better accustomed to the heat before we started with the air conditioning. Now, we manage the thermostat setting easily in the low 80’s during the heat of the day. And the change has saved us a significant amount on our utility bill. All it took was being honest about why we were using too much air conditioning.

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