There's nothing like dad tips

When I was growing up I loved to bake cakes and stuff.

My aunt taught me a lot back then.

As an adult I still savor to bake. However in our house when it is summer time I can not do anything with the oven because the oven is just too darn hot! Even with the best central heating and air conditioner that the two of us have, the oven is so sizzling that the central air conditioner can not even combat it. I have even experimented trying to use a portable air conditioner in the kitchen while baking in the summer time and even that did not toil because the oven the two of us have is so darn hot. The major rule now around our house is to not turn on that oven in the summer time time weeks of the year. In the Wintertide it is all wonderful and nice and entirely helps with the central heating. It gets so frigid that you need a booster so to speak every so often. And this overly sizzling oven the two of us have is just the booster for the central heating. It’s really awesome in a way because you get to make superb cakes and stuff and then also be helping to receive the perfect warmth and indoor comfort in your house with the same unit at the same exact time. I think that is really great! But love I said, forget the summer time time weeks of the year because it is just way too sizzling and powerful of an oven to turn it on. That time of the year I go to the bakery and buy stuff instead of making it myself.



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