This is a big problem

My central heating and air conditioning system is on its way out.

  • And the sad part is I can not afford a brand new and up to date central heat and a/c unit at this time.

So what I have been doing is pulling out my portable space heater and portable air conditioning systems all year round to run them at the same time as the central HVAC unit. For instance if the air conditioning is on, I will run the portable air conditioner at the same exact time. This will compensate for the lack of a/c I am getting from the central HVAC unit. The air flow and power is weak and it has nothing to do with my ductwork needing to be cleaned. That was already done just a month ago. Then if the heater is on, I use portable space heating to enhance it. This all is so crazy I know, but I really have no choice until I can afford a brand new and top of the line central heating and air conditioning system of today. Mine is over 20 years old. No wonder it is acting as it is! I also do need a new thermostat as well. I think I am going to buy one of those smart thermostats when the time comes. I am seriously hoping that I can get the money together to put a down payment on a brand new central heat and a/c unit before this year is out. The local heating and air conditioning company offers payment plans for new HVAC units.


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