Trying to instill good HVAC habits at home

I really don’t like what I’m seeing at home when it comes to the heating and cooling of our house.

The kids are older now and we allow them to spend time alone in the house.

The need for babysitters is pretty much over. However, I find that the need for more direct supervision when it comes to the HVAC equipment may be in order. For some reason, my kids just have shown zero respect for the heating and cooling equipment in our house. This is displayed almost daily in the way they treat the thermostat. It’s as though thermostat is supposed to respond to every, single, hourly temperature adjustment. The thermostat is being yanked all over the place in my house and it has to stop. For one, I would like the HVAC equipment to be respected. I want the kids to understand that quality heating and air isn’t as much a right but a bonus to our lives. And I would also like to open a monthly utility bill and not choke. The cost of heating and cooling have dramatically spiked with the kids spending more time at home alone. I’ve spoken with them about the HVAC on several occasions but it’s not getting through. So I think I may just have to call the HVAC company. If I have a smart thermostat installed, I can lock out any other manual manipulation of the thermostat. And that would stop the abuse of the HVAC equipment to a large degree. It’s a step I really don’t want to take but it appears that my pleas when it comes to the heating and cooling of our home are falling on deaf ears.

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