What to do when this happens – a HVAC guide

I am sure you have experienced a breakdown of your central heating and air conditioning system at the most worst of times! Like late night, on a weekend or maybe on a holiday.

It is very tough to get and pay for emergency heat and a/c service in some areas like the one I live in. So my solution to all of this was to be prepared! And how I prepared for this was I went out and bought a portable space heater and a portable air conditioning system. With the portable space heater and portable air conditioning system I could have them ready at any time to use. So if I had my central heating and air conditioning system break down during the night, a weekend or a holiday I could just easily wait until the next business day to call the local heat and a/c company to have them send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to fix my central heating and air conditioning system. Because I could just use the portable space heater or portable air conditioning system to give me the heating or the cooling I need to survive until then. It really is a good idea to have both of these things. Even if you can get emergency heat and a/c repair services, by doing this you could also save yourself a lot of money all together. You will not have to pay for emergency HVAC home services since the portable air conditioning systems and portable space heaters of today are powerful enough to keep you in great indoor comfort for a while.

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