Convincing my grandmother to get new heat and AC products

Trying to explain to my grandmother the need for an intelligent temperature regulator was trying to say the least.

She could not understand why she needed to replace something that was working.

I told her about how a thermostat can affect her indoor air quality by controlling her home’s temperature and humidity. We were also looking at some heat and AC products to replace the old heat pump. After her declining or having something negative to say about every unit we looked at, I finally realized that she did not want to have it replaced. I insisted on it since the system she had had a poor air purification system, and she had developed some minor respiratory health problems. We had bought her a new air purifier, but it felt necessary to replace the entire system. After hours of going through the whole process, and she was still adamant that her HVAC was okay, I suggested that we call the local business that professionally deals with air quality systems to have the unit serviced. The duct cleaning was my main concern, and I was sure that duct sealing was inevitable given how old the entire system was. I also wanted to have the washable filter replaced and have a non-washable air filter that she did not have to wash. True to my words, when the serviceman inspected the HVAC system, he told us that the ductwork did indeed need some work. The air ducts were thoroughly cleaned, which did a lot to help with the air in the house. I did not entirely have my way, but my grandmother and I came to a compromise that favored her well-being.


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