Dual fuel system is more costly but cost-effective

Because of the dire cold in my area as well as brutal heat as well as humidity in the summer, it’s necessary to invest in both heating as well as cooling.

The winters bring temperatures down to twenty below zero as well as several feet of snow.

Although the summers don’t last long, the temperature can soar into the high eighties. For my house, both of us chose a dual fuel system… While the combination of a gas gas furnace as well as an electric heat pump was more costly than a more conventional system, it saves enough money on energy bills to reclaim the cost. The heat pump provides cooling, using refrigerant to pull heat out of the lake house as well as transfer it outside. It is effective at combating humidity as well as handles the highest Summer temperatures. Once the weather cools off, both of us switch the heat pump to heating mode. It reverses the flow of refrigerant, absorbing ambient heat from the outdoor air as well as pumping it indoors. Because it uses existing heat rather than burning fossil fuels, the heat pump is far more energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly than fuel-burning gas furnaces! However, as the temperature falls below cold the heat pump becomes less effective as well as efficient. At that point, the gas furnace starts up, takes over as well as handles comfort for as long as necessary. The two systems sharing the workload reduces wear as well as tear as well as increases reliability as well as longevity. Both of us have been totally glad with the performance of the dual fuel system as well as our running costs… No matter what the weather brings, both of us think the lake house will be perfectly comfortable.

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