Ductless heat pump resolves problems with older home

My house was built during the late 1800s.

Since we moved in a few years ago, we’ve done quite a bit of renovating.

We’ve torn down walls, opened up rooms and reconfigured the living space. Although the house is equipped with a central air conditioner, furnace and duct system, there are insufficient supply and return vents in certain areas. Some rooms often feel chilly while others are sometimes hot and sticky. Adjusting the thermostat affects the whole house. We don’t want to tackle the project of redesigning and installing a new duct system. That would create huge disruptions, mess and expense. Unfortunately the heating and cooling system is too old to implement zone control without a complete replacement. I didn’t like the idea of setting up window air conditioners or portable electric heaters. They are unattractive and not overly effective. I started looking into other alternatives and came across ductless multi-split systems. The installation was completed in a single day without requiring any remodeling or causing any mess. It consists of an outdoor compressor that is compact and unobtrusive. It connects to multiple indoor air handlers by way of conduit that requires nothing more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall. The air handlers provide both heating and cooling capacity, operate quietly and are wonderfully energy efficient. Because each unit features an independent thermostat, they provide zone control. We’re able to adjust temperature to personal comfort preference and the demands of the room. We don’t need to heat or cool the empty rooms. The ductless system has significantly improved the value and enjoyment of our home.
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