Fixing the indoor air quality issue after a fire incident

It had been the scariest moment in our lives.

A fire had broken out in our home and caused significant damage.

Two weeks later, after taking care of the damaged part and replacing several things, the house still smelled smoke. The indoor air quality was wanting to a point we did not look forward to going back home. We had even replaced the washable filter, but it did little to fix the situation. Our neighbor suggested that we look for technicians who deal with air quality systems. We were lucky that the fire had not reached the heat pump because we would not need to start scouting for heat and AC products. When the professional from the local business came, he inspected the ductwork. He told us that he had good and not-so-good news. The air ducts were in good condition, and they would not need duct sealing. The not-so-good information was that the vents had dirt and grime, and duct cleaning was vital. When I asked him how that was possible when we regularly changed the air filter, he told me that they needed cleaning every three or four years, just like with every mechanical part. He also suggested that we buy an air purifier to improve indoor comfort; he added that even though the HVAC has an air purification system, it would be an added advantage. A couple of hours after the technician finished his work, the positive changes were clear from the readings on the thermostat. By the following day, the smell of smoke was gone entirely, and we could once more enjoy being in the house.

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