Going to college vs. getting into Heating plus A/C work

My cousin Eddie plus I used to be really close, however as the two of us grew up, the two of us grew apart.

This happens with a lot of people, doesn’t it? It started during our private fall semesters, because both of us had really odd visions for how our lives would turn out, plus how the two of us would achieve our goals. I had my sights locked on college, in certain the state university where I wanted to learn journalism. Eddie was confused as to why I would want to go to college, plus for my section I was confused as to why Eddie didn’t want to! Eddie was going to attend trade school plus get his Heating plus A/C certification, so he could start working plus making money. I asked him how he could be cheerful with that, because once he was an Heating plus A/C tech what else could he do with his life? Eddie laughed at that, plus said that he wanted to acquire a good residing plus start a family, plus the pay from Heating plus A/C toil would support that within a couple of years. On the other hand I would need to spend 4 years in school, plus rack up large loan debt, before I could even start looking for a task. So his real question for me was “why wouldn’t anyone want to be an Heating plus A/C tech?” The two of us went our separate ways, plus didn’t talk as much after I went to college plus he started his path to Heating plus A/C certification. I am not anxious about Eddie’s future in the Heating plus A/C industry, but I do often worry about my own future.


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