How essential is an media air cleaner to all?

I live in a small home right next to a legitimately dusty street & our home is typically dusty despite myself and others not opening the windows throughout the afternoon, however a mile down the road is a papermill factory that is typically releasing some black smoke that I guess is toxic.

I used to know that the coolness gave by the heat pump was enough to keep the air within our home wash enough to breathe until I started suffering from respiratory complications.

A buddy of mine who worked at the local corporation recommended that I get an media air cleaner to help improve indoor air quality. This was a wonderful system but the only issue was that I did not have the funds to get the new system. I visited a certain company & explained our predicament. The kind salesman introduced myself and others to a financial system gave by the corporation to enable homeowners to own air quality systems. They had introduced this system when Covid hit. I only needed to pay for the replacement process and the labor. The corporations came the following week to install the media media air cleaner. I had purchased one that came with air ducts & so they had to put up the air duct & proceeded with the duct sealing process. I got a basic dial control unit that could do the work. The corporations took myself and others through the process of cleaning the washable filters to maintain wash air filters. They also tied up the first duct cleaning which was to happen 3years after replacement. The new heat & A/C products played a big work in healing our respiratory complications.


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