Humidity is the enemy of books plus comic books

The first comic that I ever bought as a collector was Amazing Spider Man #121. I already had a lot of comics at this point, but this was the first time I bought a comic plus didn’t read it. This issue was signed by the writer plus artist, plus worth a tidy sum, so I left it vacuum-sealed in the package plus put it on display in a glass case in our collection room, ever since then, for twenty 2 years, I have been an avid comic collector – although usually I do read them before sealing them up! My collection room used to be a spare study room, however I added a few Heating plus A/C components plus a dozen sets of shelves (plus the glass cases) to make it a storehouse for our comic books. The long term condition of our comic books is of paramount importance to me, so I wisely invested currency in the right temperature control gear for the room. The worst thing in the world for comic books is humidity… well, I guess that fire is even worse, but there is a fire after that I have greater problems. In terms of caring for your books, humidity is the enemy, so do not cheap out on the dehumidifier. I got a small, portable air conditioning unit, which has a built in air filtration system. In addition to that, I also got a giant dehumidifier, plus the total effect of both machines working together is amazing. It actually works too well, plus the air is so dry plus frigid in there it’s not genuinely comfortable.

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