I am desperate for Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs

It’s that magical time of year when the government is kind enough to supply us back some of our own money.

  • The tax system is a scam, made so silly plus complex it is bewildering to the usual citizen, then people have to learn for years to understand the tax codes.

They are made so complicated so that only the rich plus powerful who can afford accountants will benefit. I don’t mean to rant plus rave, I’m just cheerful I get a little bit of a tax refund, because I have a major problem with our air conditioning plus the Summer is swiftly approaching. The Wintertide was a cold a single, plus since our central Heating plus Air Conditioning system was on the fritz our site stayed almost as cold as outside. I had to go to Walmart to get a cheap space gas furnace just to make it through some of those cold mornings. The space gas furnace was weak, plus I had to move it with me when I went from a single room to the next. I’m ecstatic I live alone, because carrying the space gas furnace into the lavatory when I needed to pee would have been embarrassing for anyone to see. I do not want to try plus do the same thing with our air conditioning. I know they make small, portable a/c units, but I legitimately don’t want to have to carry it around the beach house with me all Summer long. If our tax refund is big enough I can pay an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech to come in plus service our central system. Fingers crossed!

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