I am following my brother into HVAC work

I am the youngest of six children, and by a wide enough margin that I know I had to have been an accident. My oldest sibling is 16 years older than I am. I don’t think my folks were planning on me coming along! Having siblings who are so much older has allowed me to gain a lot of wisdom by watching their choices and seeing how those choices panned out for them. Four out of my five siblings went to college, and one of them went to trade school and became an HVAC tech. Gary is the closest to me in age, just 6 years older than me, and he has found tremendous success with his HVAC work. Out of my four siblings who went to college, three of them moved back home after graduation, and one of them moved in with his boyfriend. Because of his HVAC work, Gary has his own place, along with zero college debt. When I looked at all that, my choice was clear, so I asked Gary what I could do to get started in HVAC work. Gary was super supportive of me, and showed me websites where I could research the local HVAC training programs. He said he would also ask his boss, the HVAC contractor, about me working part time while I took my training classes. If all goes well, then I could start work as a full time HVAC tech in about two years, and start looking for my own place! I hope I end up like Gary, and not like my other siblings.


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