I had to take a loan to get them a much-needed air quality system

When my cousin got a baby before completing high school, we stepped in to help her raise the child. We lived with her and my other siblings with our parents. We had just replaced the heat pump after the previous one broke down. With the new baby, who had developed asthma, I knew we needed a better living environment for her. The doctors suggested an air purifier to help keep asthma in check of course plus the required medication. Looking at my account plus the contribution from my siblings, the money was barely enough to run a tune-up on the heat and AC products we owned. I decided to visit the local business hoping to find a company running a sale. I was also looking to buy batteries for the thermostat. In the first shop I entered, the technician explained that they could sell the air quality systems to me at a discounted price. He also advised that I seek assistance from the bank and he offered to help me put in concrete reasons to have this system. I met with the contact from the bank provided to me by the technician and after a long talk, he agreed to extend a loan to me. I immediately got the new air purification system and used the money we had saved to pay for the installation. The technician helped get valuable materials for the duct sealing process on the ductwork. The first scheduled duct cleaning was to take place after four years, this was enough time to pay off the loan. In the meantime, to keep the air ducts and air filters clean, we were required to clean the washable filters after every 3 to 6 months. It was great to improve the indoor air quality at the house.
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