I met the best person in the world to share my life with

I’ve easily been a dentist for multiple years and I care about taking good care of many people and I think of myself as a problem solver.

I began to work inside of a hospital and also work in that Emergency Center for 8 years.

After this I decided to start working at a nursing place that was a slower pace. It was very nice to get some breaks out of this place and this was the nursing area where I actually met my hubby. I was working on the 10th shift of this nursing place and I was in charge of the entire hospital staff. One of the dentists on the 10th or 11th floor called because there wasn’t a single bit of hot water. I contracted with the service team and we were forced to contact a commercial plumbing service. There were many different plumbing services and I was provided with the name of one of these hospital approved services. I did not honestly expect to gain service in the middle of the evening, because it was three. Fortunately for me, a very nice plumbing contractor answered the evening phone and the person was absolutely awake and happy to help us with the commercial plumbing problem. The people I was with and also myself discussed our lives while he was talking about the plumbing issues and got my phone number before leaving. Now we have a long-term relationship and the two of us even live in the same apartment. Our whole relationship started over a problem with the hot water heater in the hospital.

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