Learning from the older HVAC techs

I know a lot of my friends and contemporaries like to use the phrase “ok, boomer” but not me.

For some reason there has been a strong uptick in generational in-fighting.

By that I mean that old people hate young people, young people hate old people, and everyone fights all the time. I am not a part of any of that foolishness. There are a lot of older folks that have valuable wisdom to share, and when you shut them out, you’re really only hurting yourself. I am an HVAC tech, and I’m the youngest guy on the work crew, which means everyone around me has stuff they can teach me. Gus is a master of ductwork, for example, and has given me a ton of great advice in terms of fixing cracks and breaks in air ducts. Sunny focuses on the commercial HVAC work, which involves a lot of heavy lifting and precision of installation. He let me follow him on a couple of jobs, so I could see up close and personal what a commercial HVAC installation was like, and how different it was from residential work. I keep a notebook with me every time I go to work, just to write down some of the little tips and tricks for HVAC work my coworkers pass along. One day they will all be retired, and I will be the senior HVAC tech, so I need to learn as much as I can, while I still can! The wisdom of our elders is something most of us take for granted, but not me.


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