Moving while I was in serious weather

I have changed apartments five times in the last five years. I’ve updated to more advantageous locations, more spacious accommodations plus better amenities. I started out residing in the northern section of the country. My lease came due in late January. Moving at that time of year was difficult. The temperatures in that section are often below chilly plus occasionally below zero. Both of us experience blizzard conditions, brutal wind chill plus accumulate feet of snow within a few hours. I’d need to turn off the heat in the home I was leaving plus often end up packing in chilly chilly conditions. I’d get stuck carrying my possessions through the snow plus chilly plus driving the moving van over icy roads. There were occasionally difficulties with getting the heat turned on plus the house warmed up. I finally managed to arrange my lease so that I could transport in the Spring. The temperature was respectfully mild enough that I didn’t need to worry about either heating or cooling. However, because of a job opportunity, I transferred south. I realized very suddenly that moving into a house in May, in the southern section of the country is a mistake. I faced temperatures in the high nineties with excessive humidity. The cooling system in my car couldn’t keep up with the weather. It took forever to cool down my new apartment. I was perspiring profusely. I have been looking around for a better home complex that includes a swimming pool. However, I am reluctant to brave another transport in the heat plus humidity.

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