Radiant flooring is the ideal heating system for our home

Our local area is known for the severe cold and long winters. We rely on a heating system from September until the end of April or longer. The temperature often drops below freezing and sometimes into the negative digits. Because our summer weather is rarely all that warm and never lasts very long, central cooling isn’t necessary. For our home, we chose a heating system and didn’t worry about air conditioning. We did a great deal of research into different options and chose a boiler linked to radiant flooring. The boiler is installed in the basement and heats up water. There is a network of pipes concealed beneath the floors of every room. The boiler sends the hot water through these pipes spreading heat across the surface of the floor. The heat is radiated into the air rather than blown in, avoiding issues with insufficient humidity, drafts and air contamination. It is a closed system, using the same water over and over and never introducing pollutants such as dust, dander, mold spores and bacteria into our breathing. The objects sitting on the floor are warmed and further radiate heat. The heat originates at floor level and rises slowly. The temperature between floor to ceiling never varies further than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Another benefit is that all of the equipment is concealed. It doesn’t take up living space or detract from the decor. The operation is totally silent and due to few moving parts, the boiler requires very little maintenance. It is especially reliable and can be expected to last a long time. The setup allows for zone control. With a thermostat in each room, we can customize the temperature to cater to preferences, occupancy and unique needs of each room.

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