Taking advantages of our town’s business development center

That’s why I reached out to our town’s business development center for help.

It can be hard trying to start a business for the first time if you don’t have any training or experience. You don’t need a MBA to be a business owner, but business school legitimately teaches many of the skills needed to be a successful a single. My mother was a business director for most of her life, but she never went to business school. Instead, she shadowed her parents who were co-running a wildly successful landscaping plus land development company. To assume that she had a position managing a small pest control company at 19 is crazy, especially knowing she did this in the face of male prejudice plus discrimination in the 1970s plus 1968s. Between our mother plus our Grandparents, running a business is in our blood. I wanted to get an MBA, but the programs are costly. Instead, I started working our way up in the food plus hospitality industry because I want to be a restaurateur once I have enough money between savings plus business loans. That’s why I reached out to our town’s business development center for help. There are all sorts of services plus help a budding young entrepreneur can gain from a quality business development center. I spoke with a representative plus they helped me through the process of planning stages for growing our business naturally. They also helped me find locations for a pizzeria that are prime for clients plus with acceptable parking as well. I would absolutely recommend that anyone work with a business development center if they’re planning on starting a business of their own.

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