The heating system for an animal enclosure

Moving away from the city has been the change my life needed. I was getting desperate for a while, feeling trapped in the big city with no means of escape. I was in therapy, and on a couple of different mood stabilizers not counting the weed I smoked after work every day. None of that seemed to help as much as it used to, and I was growing depressed and despondent. My therapist recommended a complete change of scenery, so I pulled up stakes and moved out to farming country.. I was wondering how I would be able to make money, because how much demand would there be for an HVAC tech out in the countryside? Much to my surprise, there was a tremendous need for HVAC work, just not the kind I had grown accustomed to in the city. Most of the homes around here have furnaces that are older than I am, and are still in amazing working condition. What is more in demand out on the farms is the heating systems they have inside barns and animal enclosures. During a cold, bitter winter these barns need some form of heating to keep the animals safe and healthy. As you might imagine, the heating system for a barn needs to be rugged, and resistant to being stepped on or smashed. They also need to have a failsafe to turn them off, because if the heating system causes a fire you could lose the whole barn and everything in it. It’s a challenge, but I am learning a lot about these heating systems.


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