We almost did not fix the air purification system at the governor’s residence

We had just gotten to the office last Friday morning when we received a request from the governor to have his air purifier.

He was hosting a delegate party on the weekend and he needed the indoor air quality to be very high.

He had just had the new heat pump installed the previous week. We packed up our working tools in the specialized vehicle and started the trip to the governor’s house which was just outside the city in an affluent neighborhood. I was preparing the duties to delegate to my team members when the truck came to a halt. The driver suspected a problem with the engine and when he inspected it, he confirmed that the issue was in the engine. It took us about 45minutes to fix the issue. Fortunately, the governor was not in a hurry, he understood that such things happened. Upon getting to the residence, we started by inspecting the ductwork for any leaks. We identified some areas that needed duct sealing. From the state of the air ducts, we could tell that the air filters were cleaned regularly as they were not too dusty. The governor wanted to swap out the washable filters for disposable ones from the local business. I assigned the juniors to handle the duct cleaning process as it was pretty straightforward. To improve the efficiency of the thermostat, we integrated it into the heat and AC products including the air quality system. Now the regulator could be used to monitor for conditions like air purity and humidity. Though we were late in arriving, we managed to efficiently fix the air quality system. The governor was very impressed by our service and left a heavily positive review on the company’s website.


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