Working with my sister in the same local business

My sister and I have always been close and we barely fight even when growing up.

  • We share so many beautiful memories.

I think the reason we are so close is that we are only two of us with no other siblings. We even did the same course in college and graduated as HVAC technicians. When it came to getting a job, we were fortunate enough to end up in the same heat and AC products company at the local business downtown. Our boss will often refer to us as a perfect and skilled duo. We have made headlines and put the company on top with our product invention and excellent customer service. I remember our first job together was installing an air quality system at one residence. When we got there, the air purifier was in a deplorable state. The air ducts and the air filters were covered in dust, dirt, and pet dander. This caused the system to strain and make weird noises. The indoor air quality had also drastically reduced. We took the customer around the system and explained what we were about to do to fix the system. We explained the process of using specialized vacuums for the duct cleaning process. We also pointed out that the ductwork needed new duct sealing to preserve the cool air and moisture within the house. We later convinced the customer to learn how to remove the washable filters, clean them and re-install them for his benefit. He would be saving a lot of the cost involved. We also integrated the thermostat with the air purification system and heat pump at no fee. This would help in automatically monitoring for conditions like air purity and humidity.


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