Adding a fence to our home

When we bought our new house, I was happy with everything but the close proximity to the road.

We upgraded to more square footage with four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

We finally have plenty of closet space and a big kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. There’s a finished basement, a two-car garage and a huge lawn for the kids to play in. However, the road directly in front of our house sees a great deal of traffic. Despite a 35 mph speed limit, the cars fly by. I was very concerned about the safety of our kids and our dog. Although I am very conscientious about keeping a close watch on everyone, I wasn’t willing to take the risk. As soon as we moved in, I got in touch with a professional fencing company and got an estimate. The installation of a fence around the property was a considerable investment but definitely worth it. They brought in a crew of contractors and had the equipment and tools to get the fence in place in a single day. We now have a great deal more privacy. The fence adds value to the home and security and blocks a great deal of exterior noise and even debris. I can let the dog out and allow the kids to play without worry. We simply open and close the gate across the driveway to enter or exit the property. I like it that it’s no longer convenient for cars to use our driveway as a turnaround.
Chain Link Fencing