Fly fishing cabin having heating problems

Every year my friends and I go to the same mountain lake up in the mountain range we all grew near, it’s cold up there, even in the summer, so having an above average furnace is a major plus.

We spend most of our afternoons there together standing knee deep in the cool water of the lake, casting flies until the sun begins to set.

At that point, most of us are cold, and once we had arrived home we immediately turned on the heater, but unfortunately, a billowing cloud of dust/smoke emerged from the old Heating and Air Conditioning component that we had been assured by the rental business would be perfect for our daily use. We suddenly switched off the gas furnace to discourage the fan from aggravating the dust and smoke combo further, and took off the heating control panel to see if there was anything we could do to fix it. We discovered that this heating component had been disconnected from the old furnace that lay below the place in the basement, cold as a stone. As it was our first day in a relatively remote mountain town, we decided it would be in our best interest to attempt to fix this issue, and the next morning, we reached out to the only Heating and Air Conditioning business in town, who said they could send someone out tomorrow to fix the furnace and hopefully reconnect the heater to the furnace. Lucky enough, the Heating and Air Conditioning repairwoman knew her way around a furnace, and was able to fix our issue quite quickly, just in time for us to use it when we returned from the lake that evening.


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