Hybrid furnace provides year round comfort

My house is outfitted with a hybrid furnace.

  • The combination of the electric heat pump and natural gas gas furnace was a bigger investment than a more conventional alternative, however, the energy savings have helped to salvage the cost undoubtedly hastily.

In our local area, we experience more than three distinct seasons… Our weather is harshly severe, with wide temperature fluctuations. The two of us get snow, rain, hail, sleet, high winds, heat and humidity and rely on the heating and cooling system for the majority of the year. The heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity. It works by moving existing heat from between the indoors and outdoors. In cooling mode, it pulls heat out of the house and transfers it by way of refrigerant. In heat mode, it finds ambient heat in the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature and sends it into the house. Because the heat pump doesn’t create heat or burn fossil fuels, there is no combustion process. There are no problems over greenhouse gasses, fumes, sizzling surfaces or carbon monoxide. The heat pump is beautifully environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It is especially safe and scrub and works to filter out contaminants. The heat pump helps to combat humidity while in the Summer and doesn’t cause concerns with overly dry air in the winter. The only drawback of the heat pump is that it loses effectiveness when the temperature drops below chilly. The gas furnace automatically takes over and keeps the house perfectly moderate while in the worst of winter. The hybrid system has been the perfect solution for our house and our local weather.


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