I can’t afford to get my air conditioner fixed

I can’t afford to get my central air conditioner fixed, so I know that I will have to live without a central air conditioner for a while.

I knew when I bought this used air conditioner that I was going to have problems with it.

However, I could not afford to purchase a brand new air conditioner, so this simply was the only option that I had when it came to central air conditioners, and I didn’t mind. I purchased the central air conditioner in good condition, and I had an HVAC technician install it right away. Still, I knew that if I purchased a central air conditioner that was this old, I was eventually going to have to perform repairs on the central air conditioner. I guess that I did not expect to have to perform this many repairs on the central air conditioner. If I would have known that the central air conditioner was going to need this many repairs, I think that I would have considered holding off until I found a better deal. Still, I knew that I was buying a used central air conditioner, so I am not going to try to paint a picture that changed that narrative. However the air conditioner has cost me more money than I am willing to spend, and this next repair is one that I simply cannot afford. If I try to pay for this HVAC repair, I am going to be dipping into money that I don’t want to spend. Until I have extra savings money that I want to spend on a central air conditioner, I will simply have to survive without a central air conditioner for a little bit.