I don’t trust my smart thermostat

I don’t trust my smart thermostat, however my fiance made myself and others get one, and my fiance has wanted a smart thermostat ever since she heard about these new smart thermostats.

  • At first, I thought that my fiance was going to let this go, periodically, she wants something for a few afternoons, and then, she forgets about it and wants something different the next day.

My fiance is absolutely the spender in our family, so all of us have a rule that you are only allowed to buy something if you have wanted it for at least 6 months if it was considered a purchase over $100. Since smart thermostats are pretty luxurious, I knew that this rule would apply. I figured that my fiance would realize that it would be crazy to spend so much cash on a thermostat and that she would eventually move on to something better. Unluckyly, my fiance never changed her mind about the thermostat. She even made some cash on the side so that she could buy the smart thermostat herself since I didn’t want to spend so much cash on a thermostat. In the end, I had to let her get the thermostat. However, I don’t like the smart thermostat. Technology has caused myself and others a lot of trouble in the past, and I am not actually fantastic at using these new iphones. I guess that I am going to have a ton of trouble using the thermostat. I hope that my fiance learns how to use it. I just don’t trust the smart thermostat because I am afraid that someone is going to hack our HVAC units and bother us by turning them off or increasing the temperature.

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