I turned a simple HVAC repair into a full on disaster

This brain should come with some sort of warning system.

When I choose to do stuff, I should have to run it through an internal filter mechanism.

That way, I could get very clear signals that I’m making a colossal mistake before I actually do it. But that didn’t happen when I decided to diagnose my HVAC problem online. The thinking going on in my brain at the time was that I was saving us money. It was late on a Friday evening and my wife was away with the girls so I had a bit of a bachelor weekend. So coming home to the HVAC equipment running but no air conditioning wasn’t the start I was look for. It seemed logical somehow that if the HVAC equipment was running, then there had to be just a little tweak that I could do. This would save an emergency HVAC service call and I’d have HVAC cooling for the weekend. That’s when this machine that should be in my brain would have been flashing all the sirens and waving all the bad idea flags. But again, I have yet to be outfitted with this decision filter. I went to the hardware store after I decided that all I had to do was recharge the refrigerant. Well, that wasn’t the problem at all of course. Had I called the HVAC professionals right away, they would have been in and out in 10 minutes as a relay went bad. Instead, I ruptured all sorts of thing with the recharge kit and turned a small HVAC repair into a very big problem.
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