Janky Wall Heater Causing Constant Problems in a Coastal Climate

My girlfriend and I live with our two dogs in a small two bedroom 1 bathroom duplex.

  • It is perfect for our lifestyles and also includes a small yard outback, which is more than ideal.

We moved in together almost two years ago and have really enjoyed how nice our neighbors are. Our only issue with the duplex is its only source of heat: the wall heater. The wall heater operates mostly from our furnace in the garage, which is a good thing because our furnace is awesome. But it is also a bad thing because our wall heater constantly emits odd fumes. We had to recently call our local HVAC tech to assist us with a solution. Even though we are on the coast, the climate does occasionally get quite chilly, especially in the evenings during all seasons, even summer. Our HVAC tech came out almost instantly, and was able to diagnose the issue with our wall heater. One of the dogs had managed to get a furry toy stuck in the bottom of it, causing it to smoke slightly whenever we turned it on. The HVAC technician then needed to replace the front grate, as a giant mess of melted plastic and fuzz was etched into it. Once he was done, we were good to go, and ended up using the heater that night. When we switched it on, it turned on almost silently, with a comforting murmur emerging from the wall heater every now and again. We are so grateful we got this fixed, and we will definitely make sure to keep an eye on the dogs and their multiple toys from now on going forward.



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