Make sure the HVAC responsibilities are a priority

It feels like my plate is so full that I’m just trying to not spill it.

Once we were vaccinated and I could go back to the office with the zone controlled HVAC, it was on.

And I can remember my wife and I promising to each other that we wouldn’t allow our schedules and commitments to overwhelm us again. That was the nice thing about staying home in our own air conditioning during the pandemic. We were together and we had fun and the kids were good and it just all worked out. Sure, we missed going to eat or on vacation. But we had all this time and the demands on our schedule just vanished. During that time at home, my wife and I really swore that we wouldn’t go back to the old way of life. Those were great intentions but they just didn’t work out that way. Once we got back to work and the kids back in school, our plates began to fill up again. It got so bad that I was forgetting stuff like my HVAC responsibilities. And that just wouldn’t do. Each month, I make sure that HVAC air filter is changed to ensure that the HVAC equipment is getting maximum air flow. But I was forgetting. And then, I forgot to call for the spring air conditioning tune-up until we were well into summer. This was enough and I just decided that I was going to cleave my schedule and take care of stuff that mattered at home first. I have become better at saying no and I’m once again on top of all things heating and cooling in my home.



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