My speaker controls my thermostat

I have one of those cool smart speakers that you can buy online; The smart speaker allows myself and others to talk into it to do basic commands.

Apparently, this speaker is installed with some kind of AI in order to understand what I want it to do, and I thought that it was pretty cool.

I have been using this speaker for a long time, and I thought that I had figured out most of the basic features of the smart speaker. Thankfully, I was wrong. I just l gained that I can control my thermostat with this smart speaker. I have already been wanting a smart thermostat for a long time, and I have been checking out different possibilities for the thermostat. Eventually, I looked on the same website where I obtained this speaker and discovered that there are certain thermostats that I can attach my speaker to that will allow myself and others to control my thermostat through my speaker. I simply have to attach the thermostat to my iphone and attach my iphone to the app for the speaker. While it mostly does not do anything different from a usual smart thermostat, the thermostat does have a few skills that I have never seen on another thermostat. For instance, when you want to adjust the thermostat in your own new home and your iphone is not near you, you can still adjust the thermostat. All you need to do is tell the speaker that you want her to adjust the thermostat, and she will! I thought that having a regular smart thermostat was lazy, however I am pretty sure that this is the laziest that you can get with a thermostat.

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