New HVAC upgrade went so well

At first, I was really not feeling so good when the HVAC technician told us it was time to start planning for an HVAC upgrade.

It wasn’t as though I was surprised by the fact that we needed new HVAC equipment.

That was not a shock. When we bought this house, we had to replace the old HVAC unit. And we were able to negotiate that into the price of the house. This allowed us to get the latest in residential HVAC for the time. Again, that was like over 20 years ago. So, the fact that the old HVAC unit was now running out of steam was not a surprise. What had me in a funk was the fact that my wife and I had come to an agreement about what would happen when we replaced the HVAC. That’s what I was scared about. We had talked about it for a long time before we agreed that when the HVAC unit died, we’d consider selling the house. The kids were gone and only one was left in college. But she was on her way and had already landed a job. So with the new HVAC equipment came speaking to realtors about what else we needed to do to get the house on the market. Selling any home is a big, big undertaking. But selling our family home was particularly tough for me given all the memories. Yet, I knew that upgrading the heating and cooling equipment signaled that time in our lives as we had agreed. So there was nothing to do at that point but to do it.

a/c workman